Cliffs – Excavator Model

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A project from the archives that whilst challenging was thoroughly enjoyable to be a part of and would love to do again in the future :)

Back in 2016, Cliffs Resources and QDI (Printers) approached me to assist in creating a paper model (well card stock) of PC3000 Komatsu Excavator for a child to be able to build at a community event.

With this project that did prove a little bit challenging, was two prerequisites. The first one was the model had to be built without the use of glue and the second was that it had to have a moving part. Another challenge that I also had, was it was not possible to obtain any CAD drawings of the excavator to create the die pattern, but I was given a scaled model of the excavator which I then photographed from multiple angles to not only give me the panels required to form a die, but also the images that formed the finished model, which this year was photo-realistic compared to the illustrated style from previous years. The moving element that was required ended up being the excavator rotates on the tracks.

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