AIM WA 2020 Program Guide

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Every year AIM WA produces a program directory listing their programs giving their customers insights into a program's structure and content. This directory for over 15 years has been the same format which was A4 spiral bound, some years portrait and some years landscape format, the format though was becoming aged and was also a heavy document too. So for the 2020 directory, I proposed that it was time for a change and to modernise and condense the printed directory.

So apart from a few small adjustments to the program layout from the previous year, the directory had a complete overall. The new size was now 183mm x 238mm and now on an uncoated stock as previously it was a satin stock. The colour palette was muted a little, but with the uncoated stock, this injected some richness back to the appearance of the colours. The content was rewritten to accommodate the new size and then as every year the directory had a theme, the theme for 2020 was to focus on the people who attend the programs, so the cover and break pages were photos of AIM WA participants.

Photography by Brandon Davies.